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What's in our carburetor manuals?

Our manuals are based on the factory service manuals issued by the carburetor manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer.

We offer two main types of e-book manual, the very specific ones covering a limited range of applications (typically priced at $5.00) and the in depth manuals starting at $9.95.

For the in depth manuals, we combine all available factory manuals, data sheets, specification sheets and diagrams as well as restoration tips, pictures of restored carburetors and historical information (where available).

Here's an example:

CM21: Carburetor Manual for 1-1/4" Bore Carter BBD Carburetors, 1955-1973

This manual is 112 pages; some highlights are shown below:

Carter BBD pictures We begin with a brief history of the type, followed by pictures of actual restored carburetors, as well as tips on common problems and the correct finishes.
Next, the complete service manual issued by Carter for the BBD.
Carter issued specification sheets with parts lists, illustrations, adjustment data and more. These are included for BBD's for the years covered.
Finally, several carburetor kit instruction sheets from different kits that service these carbs.

The entire manual is fully text searchable and has a complete table of contents (accessible through the bookmark menu in your pdf reader).



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